""Show me your pretty face," said the gross, white, 73-year-old man bullying me remove my COVID-19 mask"

I am a chubby middle-aged woman with graying hair who was traveling alone on a jam packed Southwest Airlines flight. I was in the aisle seat and a loud, obnoxious white 73-year-old male passenger took the middle seat next to me. I regretted being pleasant in my initial greeting because he then used the entire 2-hour flight to invade my space, tell me his life story, and attempt to bully me into removing my COVID-19 mask for no other reason than he wanted to see my face. "Show me your face. Take off your mask for me." The tone he used felt very much like past experiences I've had while walking down a street and having a man tell me I'm so pretty I should smile more. After he made multiple demands that I remove my mask, I hardened my tone and said loud enough for multiple passengers nearby to hear me "I was sick a few days ago. My mother, grandmother and aunt were all nurses and they raised me right. There is no way in this fresh hell that I am removing my mask on this airplane to risk exposing others or myself." He continued to invade my space and aggressively coughed without covering his mouth, so loudly that other passengers in front of us turned around and glared at him. He remained undeterred. I know for a fact that if I had been traveling with a man, this passenger would have left me alone and he never would not have dared to engage in his pathetic power play.