"Work harrasment"

I work primarily in a field with social workers and others that serve children. Recently I was working with a community member that stated they would not be able to follow anti-discrimination standards for LGBTQIA youth as they did not believe in them. Being from this community and out at work, this was also targeted in the conversation against me in particular. I think that sometimes, being a social worker I feel unwarranted insulation from this type of microaggression since I assume social workers should be accepting of all people and understanding of differences. My co-workers did not stick up for me or the children we were talking about and made me do all of the talking. They said I was doing such a good job that they did not think I needed help. I felt alone in the conversation and powerless because I have no power to stop this community member from being in charge of the care of the children she works with. It is hard not to see small instances of micro aggression and not worry that we are going backwards in so many ways.