"Racial profiling leading to Citizen's Arrest"

A couple years ago I was in my car and waiting at a red light. But when the light turned green, the car in front of me didn't move. I initially thought they were having car problems so I was preparing to get out and help, but just then the driver got out of his car and walked towards me while saying something about the proximity of my vehicle to his. I rolled down my window and said, "pardon me?". Once he heard my reply in perfect English, he instantly turned around and went back to his car while mumbling something about my car being too close. It's at this point of the story that I will let you know that I'm of Hispanic origin yet born here in the United States. After the initial confusion I realized that he was going to ask me for my green card to prove I was not an "illegal alien", but once he heard me speaking in perfect English he knew I was a citizen so he couldn't bully me over his b.s. justification of my car being too close to his at a red light. The individual was wearing a security guard uniform so I think he thought that an "illegal alien" would mistake him for an actual authority figure and could therefore detain and arrest me with impunity.

This type of thing was becoming pretty common as the then "President" gave his tacit approval with his "good people on both sides" remark and ideology. I never thought this Country would experience dark ages like these.